Header issue

Hello everyone,

I have an issue that I would like some input on. I have an 06 450x and I just got a Jardine RT-4 full exhaust from Ebay. The seller stated it was for the 05-07 R and X. I looked up the part number on the Jardine site and it stated that it was for the 05R. I emailed the seller and he said that it would fit fine. Anyway, my brother in law has an 05R so I figured that if it did not fit I would just give the system to him. When I got the system I put it on and I have two issues. Everything fits but the header is 2-3mm away from the radiator hose and about the same distance from the transmission oil cap. Is this enough space for header wrap? What about a metal braided hose and the wrap? I have tried to move the hose as much as possible but there is not much play. Any input would be appreciated.

I ran into a similar issue. I got a 450r pipe from a sponsor only to realize that an R header doesn't fit on X. They are a totally different header bend. I was fortunate that the good folks at Leo Vince sent me the correct system solving my dilema at no cost to me. I tried to make it work but could not come up with anything.. So my answer is dump it.

If you have to keep it, header wrap should do the trick.

Or a balpeen hammer.

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