Arai Question

I am extremely attracted to the Arai VX-Pro 3 Helemet. Specificly the orange barb wire design. I read a few reviews on this helemet and it seems like everyone loves it. I just got a lot of extra money for my birthday that I put seperate from the rest of my money. I figure since I save all my money and will have some coming in soon that I should go ahead and get a nice helemet. I just wanted some suggestions of if I should get the helemet or if maybe I should get another one. BTW my current helemet is worn and getting old so I need one soon.


Matt 193

Go try it on first. I was high on getting an Arai a few years back and when I fit them, they felt way strange. My guess is I would have become used to it, but I didn’t have the patience.

It is all about the shape of your head. My head loves the Arai helmets, but my wallet doesn't. I've owned a few, as well as other brands. Right now I'm sporting a Shoei.


Thanks guy's I'll have to try to try one on in the near future.

Any other ideas?

I love my VX-Pro 3, hands down it's the best helmet that I've ever owned.

But as said above, all that means nothing if your head is the wrong shape for the helmet.

I figure since I save all my money and will have some coming in soon that I should go ahead and get a nice helemet.

There are differing opinions as to what constitutes a "nice helmet" but safety is the highest factor for me. Comfort, fit, quality, and appearance also matter but are second to safety.

This thread has a good discussion on safety, the Motorcyclist's article comparing helmet standards (e.g. ECE, BSI, DOT, and Snell), and some helmet options.

The most common mistake in buying a helmet is buying one that is too loose. Proper fitment is more important than the price of a helmet. I helped develop and sell helmets for many years. 9 times out of 10 when someone tries on a helmet, they pick at least one size too big. If it feels very comfortable with little pressure on the cheeks, it is probably too small. After you wear it a couple of times the padding will break in and shrink even more and when you hit the dirt, it will shrink even faster. A helmet should feel firm everywhere on your head, but never put pressure on one spot. The shape of the styrofoam liner should fit the shape of your head. The padding can fill in some of the gaps, but should not be mistaken for a mismatched styrofoam liner. Some of the less expensive helmets have lower G ratings which is good for the brain. The more expensive helmets can be lighter which can be better for whiplash type muscle and neck related injuries. Expensive helmets can have softer liners, better features and vents and may hold up a little better, but dont always offer more impact protection. Go DOT minimum and from there it is preference.

I have one of the earlier VX Pro's and would recommend it


Its very light, tons of ventilation, and has a removable liner. They were on sale at a local bike shop for $375 around Christmas (several years ago) so I had to snag one.

i bought one and its fits like a glove! i couldnt take it off! i wore it around the house cause thats how comfortable it was.. as a matter of fact i think i just may go put it on for a lil bit cause my head misses it! ha

I have a blue VX pro and love it. It fits my head well and has a soft liner. Crazy though, it is one of the most expensive helmets I have had and I was knocked out in it. Go figure...:confused:

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