01 yz250 plastic vs 02 yz250 plastic?

My question has to do with the plastic. I'm rebuilding a 2001 YZ250 to make it my woods bike. I want to put the hurricane plastic kit on it. But it only is made for the 02 and up. Now i know that the 02 finders of my 426 are the same as the 01 250. But can i put 02 yz250 plastic on my 01 yz250.

The shrouds are different.

It is easier to list what plastics you can use........front mud guard.

The rest you will need to change out subframe,air box and tank and modify the tank and shroud connections

ok i know that the front finder and the rear finder are the same. so the shrouds are different but can i put a 02 tank on a 01, and would the shrouds line up with the radiators?

Rear fender(mudguard) is also different. Only the front mudguard is the same.

Someone put an 02 tank and shrouds on a 99 a while ago, I think they had to make a few brackets but that was about it.

Do a search for it.

I saw the thread too. Nice set up. 4 little home made brackets with and 02 tank and shrouds

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