Parts Problem!!??

Alright i found out why my bike wouldnt start. The box next to the rotor thing cracked when my chain came off. Can anyone explain how to get the rotor off so i can replace the box?

You have to pull the flywheel and that takes a flywheel puller. Then the stator plate will come off with two phillips screws that are behind the flywheel.

there is no other way besides a fly wheel puller?

Sorry. Not unless you want to ruin it. It is attached to your crankshaft. You don't want to bugger that up, not to mention you don't want to bugger up your flywheel. You been racing MX for 25 years and you've never pulled a flywheel?

im 17 i didnt say ive been racing for 25 years... more like 4 years and ive never had a problem with my fly wheel

Sorry, maybe I'm thinking of someone else. The flywheel puller is available from most vendors. You will also need something to hold the flywheel while you remove the nut from the flywheel. I like to use an impact wrench and then you don't have to hold it, but that is not essential like the puller is.

If you have a motorcycle shop nearby that works on Hondas, you can sometimes get them to pull the flywheel for you. You won't need the puller to put it back on, but a torque wrench is really needed to get it right and you ought to have one anyway.

Look at Precision50's post a page or two back on essential pit bike tools.

Good luck and if we can help, let us know.

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