KTM 400 EXC Year 2000 w R&D Power Pump

Hi guys! im actually looking on getting th R&D Power Pump. But im not sure it'll fit my ktm 400 exc year 2000. I believe im running on a FCR mx 39, but i guess its the gen 1 carbs? correct me if im wrong. Thanks!


i would need a picture of your carb to tell.

im pretty a 2000 ktm still had a old style fcr.

Hey eddie! thanks for the reply. Sorry, i dont have a camera with me right now. cant get the pic right now, will post it when i do.

one more thing to add, its a slant carb. may this can help.



ok,that is a old style fcr.power bowl does not fit.

Correct, KTM had the old style thru 2002, bowl is held on with 3 screws rather than 4

thank you eddie and dave! =)

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