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I have to tell everyone that Dr. Mark Lucas ( AKA the motodoc) is amazing ( and that’s an understatement ) He posts articles in the Health and Fitness section of norcalmotocross.com I have had a chronic arm problem in both arms for the last 4yrs and I have been to physical therapy 3 different times, acupuncture many times, had the carpel tunnel test done ,ect,ect,ect basically everything in the world I could think of and everyone was like not much we can do you are basically screwed for the rest of your life and the only way to help it not hurt as bad is to stop working( um ok sure ,not) And then by chance ( I call it fate) Someone referred me to him and he is so knowable its insane he works with a lot of top riders in our sport see the website for names. I have only seen him 3 times and I feel 100 times better I mean I was about to give up but thank GOD I found Dr. Mark he is like my angle sent down to fix me.

He deals with all types of other problems relating to the body ,weight loss, cant sleep, stomach problems, ect….. I did not want to post this because I want to keep him as my secret but I have to spread the word because I know he can help a lot of you with you problems that you cant seem to fix. Please feel free to call him and ask questions he is a rider like us and really is dictated to helping people get well.He is the REAL deal !!!

Thanks for taking the time to read this

Glad to hear about him. Hopefully he will start posting on this forum. I could use to take some vacation time.

I am glad he helped you. But, I think posting your post for that other doc on the TT health forum, moderated by Dr. Mark Sanders, is kinda bone-headed.

Dr. Mark Sanders moderates and comments on this forum regularly on his time. He may receive some benefit by getting patients from TT, and rightly so, although I bet he could get more patients, if he did some different things with his time.

Just my opinion, but... lets try not to bite the hand that feeds.

I don't think it is a problem with posting info on the motodoc. I know this is moderated by Dr. Sanders, but the op is about a chiropractor. I don't think Dr. Sanders will be losing too much business to a chiropractor in California. Just my opinion.

The more health care professionals who are interested in caring for extreme athletes out there, the better it is for the extreme athletes.

I welcome Dr. Mark. I just wish he had a different first name so there might be a little less confusion.

Furthermore, for the most part he takes care of minor spine problems and tendonitis. For the most part, I deal with the heavy sh1t, that requires surgical treatments such as knee ligament wipeouts, and complex fractures, which unfortunately are endemic to extreme sports.

In the end, I am glad he's here, and I hope to hear from him regularly on this board.

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