more gearing questions: 650R

I have been running the stock 14-48, and have been pretty happy with that gearing for trail riding, but ideally, I'd like a little lower gearing for the singletrack and higher gearing for longer DS rides. I've been looking at the gearing charts, and I'm wondering if I can run a 13 and 15-tooth counter-shaft sprocket with the same chain. I'm thinking that a 15/47 might work out really well for the majority of my riding and I know I could swap that for a 14-tooth sprocket without any problems, but I'd like to be able to throw a 13-tooth counter-shaft sprocket on there to go ride some of the tigher, technical singletrack. I called Dirt Tricks, and the guy I talked to said he thought that would work, but wasn't 100% sure. So, can anybody tell me whether or not I can jump two teeth up front?

I also have two sets of wheels. They're both dirt wheelsets, but one is a dedicated dirt setup and the other willl probably be outfitted with dualsport/street-oriented tires most of the time. Since I'm going to need to buy a second rear sprocket anyway and I'm already planning on swapping out front sprockets, should I get the same sized rear sprockets for both wheels or should I run different sized rear sprockets for each wheelset? I know I've read something about a couple of different front/rear sprocket combos that you can switch between without having to reposition the rear wheel too much, if at all. Pretty sure it was related to the guys that convert from dirt to SM. Running the same size rear sprockets would allow me to get the full range of gearing out of either wheelset by switching between the 13/14/15-tooth front sprockets, but I see a few downsides. Namely, that the rear wheel would have to be positioned pretty far back when I run the 13-tooth front sprocket. Then I guess there might be some accelerated wear because of the smaller front sprocket, but I'd only be concerned about that if it was going to affect the chain life. Should I get the same size rear sprockets for both wheels, or go with dedicated gearing for each wheelset?

me...if i had two sets i would have two different gearing setups. One with lower gearing and one with higher to get the most out of the bike in both different conditions.

Sorry, the question is confusing. That's what I'd like to do. But should I run a 15/47 on one wheelset and a 13 or 14/47 on the other, and just deal with the wheel having to be re-positioned so far back in order to run the 13-tooth sprocket? Or are there two different front/rear sprocket combos that will give me the gearing I'm looking for AND keep the rear wheel in somewhere closer to the same position?

I found this in another thread:

try going with 15-48.

that way you can swap from 13-48 to 14-48 to 15-48...its a very very tight fit-but it will work (no Terraflex at the extremes)

That answers the first part of my question (whether I could run a 13 and 15 tooth sprockets with the same chain). I think I'd prefer to run something like 15/48 with one wheelset and 14/51 with the other, instead of a 15/48 and 13/48 though. The gearing charts show that adding/dropping 1 tooth up front is about equal to 3 teeth in the rear. If those changes going to affect the chain length the same way, 15/48 and 14/51 seems like the best way to go for me.

What about chain length? I'm reading some conflicting information. Some people say that the stock 110-link chain will work with 15/48, and others say it won't.

Figured out from talking with Nate at Dirt Tricks that I should be able to run a 15/48 on one wheelset and a 14/51 on the other without having to adjust the chain too much. So I ordered both sprocket-sets this morning, along with a Regina GPZ chain. AWESOME customer service from Dirt Tricks (order through quality smart for the best prices). They took the time to answer all of my questions, and seemed to really care whether or not I'd be happy with what I purchased from them.

One on the front is equal to 3 rear .

If you do the math I think you'll find those are about same ratio?or very close

thats why there in the same spot.

Yeah, you're right, but that's only the gearing and I'm trying to figure out chain length. The 14/51 combo did NOT fit with a 110-link chain, so I sent the 51 back. Anyone know if a 14/50 will work with a 110-link chain?

Use a 47 on the rear of both wheels and switch the counter as often as you like. The chain will work with any of the set ups between 13,14 and 15 up front. I like a 48 rear sprocket but that's just me and I keep it on both of my wheels. You'll love the 13 in the tight stuff but will be searching for sixth when you get in the open. :prof:

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