04/05 vs. 06+ (frame)

I now have an 05 kx250f that i seem to like, other than its hard to shift. I was thinking about selling it to get an aluminum frame bike. Is there that much difference in the steel vs. aluminum. Is it worth it to sell my bike and get an 06+ 250F w/aluminum frame? I had an 05 YZ125 and loved it, but dont see that much of a difference even between my 05 and that, but also havent been on a MX track with it yet. Also, why is that thing so hard to shift and get in gear, mainly 2nd to 3rd gear.


I have an 05 and an 07. I'm not a pro racer so I honestly don't see the 05 being so much of a diffrance. Allthough the suspension of the 06-07-08 is alot better then the stock 04-05 how ever I also have super duper factory connection done up suspension on my 05 so its as good as my done up race tech 07 suspension.

if you like the 05 minus the hard shifting I say don't worry about upgrading and put the extra money into other things..

Your hard shifting issue. That is 80% chance a bent shift fork. Mine bent and I couldnt even engage 2nd gear.

It required new shift forks, shift fork guid rod, new sliders and 1 gear..

I've also heard that the shift drum also caused this how ever I doubt it. I'm willing to bet on a bent shift fork..

This does involve a total tear down. Which is a good thing. you can replace crank bearings, seals, crank, piston, valves ect.. if you spend the money you'll have a new engine ect... On the other hand you also might just want to spend that money on a new bike..

Me. I'm in the same boat. my 05 is tore down completly Needs new bottem and top end. around 1k in parts with me doing my own labor.

But I also have an 07 to ride so I'm in no rush with the bike..

Good Luck

hey thanks for the advice. so putting in new shift forks requires splitting the case?

Yeah.. It's a total tear down to fix the problem..

I just knoticed you're from indiana. What area. If you're close you're more then welcome to come over and I'll help you free of charge. You just buy the parts. !!!!

By the way. I bent mine in what I think was a hard case at redbud. I don't remember landing hard. It how ever bent the forks, shift shaft[what the actual foot shifter is attached to] and because I rode the west of the day with out 3rd gear it tore up a few other things..

I think when it was all said and done I had roughly 200 in parts.. Give or take. That was also oem parts from oem.thumpertalk.com

P.S. I'm in North West Indiana. La Porte to be exact. Let me know..

hey thanks for suggestion, but i think im just going to sell it. I live in South west indiana in Vincennes. about an hour north of evansville

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