Fox V3 vs TLD SE vs Bell Moto 8

Which would you choose if price were the same.

The V3 is a great helmet, but the Shoei's fit a little more comfy for me. I currently have a Moto7 and love it, fits perfect! I like the Bell so much infact that my new THOR Force just sits in the garage (it was free). I really want a new Moto8 and am looking forward to getting one.

Anyone else ? I'm ready to buy, just a little undecided. ps. Moto 8 is on a daily special @ motosport today only for $160

I love the v3. The insides a very comfy silk like material. comes with a extra visor and screws. and just has an awesome look.

I have the V3 and I love it! The interior is very soft and comfy, it has excellent ventilation, comes with extra visor and screws, and comes with a pretty nice padded/vented bag for it. (I got it for about $140 at

I know those other helmets are good products too, but I dont have any experience with them.

V3. I've had the TLD and tried the Bell. No comparison. The V3 is lighter, better goggle port, better fit for MY head.

That's the main thing. Forget the graphics and find out which one fits YOU the best. Helmets are different, so find the one that fits you best. And you can't see the graphics when riding anyhow.

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