noisy gears

Hi you all!! I own a 2007 WRF 450, and when I disengage the clutch (as in Neutral gear) I hear more noise coming from tthe gearbox. My mechanic inspected clutch discs, the whole clutch assembly...and everything ok.

Though...noise is still there.

Any thoughts?


my 05 does the exact same thing, i've searched a lot of threads and it seems to be a common problem with the wr's

my 07 does it also when in neutral clutch pulled in its pretty quiet let the clutch out and you here the gear noise.:confused:

then I guess it`s normal....thanks a lot.:confused:

then I guess it`s normal....thanks a lot.:confused:

my 08 does that to. it worried me too. but they all seem to do it.

brand new 09 it make noise disengaged.. was also worried good to hear its normal thing...

My 07 has always done the same. Figured it was normal.

same, 08, quite normal

You need to change your mechanic.

He should know that all modern dirt bikes are quieter with the clutch disengaged.................

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