Some riding pics from the other day

Me and my friend andrew hit the track on monday for a little r&r ...

i was takin most the pics... andrew was just kicken it for fun

here are the results....







omg dude that track is gnarly, wish i had something like that

that track looks fast

it is so maitained...

I love this track... we just found it.

$10 bucks a day to ride or $180 a year.

I have never seen another person there and it is open to us when ever we want to ride it. All we have to do is call and leave a message on the guys answer machine and go out and hit it.

As you can see that track is very groomed and well maintained.

No ruts, the parking lot is mint, clean porta-potties, bbq pit and picnics tables.

And in the 5 years hes been running it he only has 30 members.

He told me he isnt doin it for profit... just gives people a place to ride. The guy that owns it is truly badass.

oh... and i could not find one beer can, piece of trash, of cigarette butt on the entire property

Super sweet... Where in PA?

yeah, where in PA? that track looks sick.

yeah i'd like to know as well, is there camping?

seems real nice and a great deal.. where is this place at??

Very cool!

Unfortunatly guys it is a private track belonging to a friend of a freind so I cant let the where abouts slip

woah, loving the track. looks smooth and clean.

bet you had fun. :confused:

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