Has anyone put lights on the 2006 CRF450r? I would like to here how to do it and about how much it cost.


I personally have not done it, but other's here have.

If I were to put lights on my bike, I'd have Baja Designs rewind my stator and get a new flywheel from them.

A stator rewind will run you about $100, a new flywheel is about $130. Then add the price of your favorite headlight.

There are other options available. Trailtech has parts too.


That's what I am getting done...stator is at their shop...any ideas on weight of flywheel? I single track and harescramble... +9? +11?....

I was just thinking that you really don't have to buy a new flywheel. You can use the stock flywheel, that's what I would probably do since I also ride MX and I don't want any additional weight on the flywheel.

The only downside to that is you're not putting out as many watts as you would if you had an aftermarket high energy flywheel.

30 watts of power at idle with an aftermarket or rewound stator and stock flywheel vs. 60 watts of power at idle with an aftermarket or rewound stator with a high energy flywheel.

i put lights on a 2007.........cost?......260 for lighting flywheel+13oz.----60w at idle 90w dc stator.......both from trailtech ----trcikdualsport kit......480

So about $800. bucks? Thats, lights and everything?

So about $800. bucks? Thats, lights and everything?

yup.........there are cheaper routes but the way i went is the best possible one:applause:

If you're not going to plate it, the Trick Dual Sport kit isn't necessary. All you need to do is buy a 450X headlight assembly off of eBay or maybe look into an Acerbis setup or something. Assuming all you want is a headlight, and no blinkers and a brake light.

And it depends on how bright you want the light to be. If 30 watts at idle is enough, buy a new stator for $120 or get your stock one rewound and use the stock flywheel. You could probably find a headlight setup for cheap. I bet you could be into it for $200 total.

these guys have many types of crf 450 lighting kits

I just did this to my 06 a week ago and tried it out two days ago. Worked great. I bought a used 11oz lighting flywheel for 60 bucks and the 8in HID from trail tech, along with there battery, regulator and stator. All the stuff from trailtech cost me about seven bills. It was super easy to install and i installed the battery and regulator in my airbox. It is so compact it all fit in there perfect.

Automation guy knows his stuff.

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