skiers/game keepers thumb, how long til i can ride?

I caught my thumb on a rail snowboarding last tuesday night snowboarding and went to the er and nothin was broke and then a specialist and he said nothin broke or torn!:confused: so it could be worse, but i still probably shouldnt ride for the 4 weeks like the dr. says. Is now been a wk and i am probably at 60% usage and it only hurts if i push back on the thumb and i can ride mt bike, on road, and work ok. but 2 wkends from now i have 2 races and wanna start doing some exercises on the thumb so its build the strenght back up. anyone know when its ok to start working it and whats best to do exercise wise? i work construction so i was using the hand the next day, just have been takin it easy. thanks - steve

Did the doctor take stress X-rays?

i dont think so, i only had x rays when i went to the ER. the dr said i had good tensoin on the thumb indicating that it wasnt torn. it pretty puck looks normal now, the swelling is gone and its not purple anymore!

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