plated KLX 650 for sale?

Anyone know of a plated 650 for sale in southern california? 95 and above. I would go with a KLR but I want to have knobbies on it. Thanks


I have a 96 klx 650 plated...i live in laguna beach...but I'm in the process of putting a new front wheel on it, since I laid it down...the hub was damaged. the bike runs great, and it will still ride, but I really want to replace the hub, just for safety reasons. I don't have a price in mind, but I am willing to send you pics if you're interested. It has brand new D606 knobbies, and break pads. In great condition. Matt 949.307.0206.

It is also a C model with electric start, speedo, tach, et al. Black frame and black plastics.

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