BBR frame cradle on TT-R125?

I read in the sticky that the stock exhaust will not work with the BBR frame cradle but it was dated 2004.

I just got off the phone with BBR tech support and they said that the stock exhaust works fine with either of their cradles but that it is close in one area and that if the stock exhaust has been bent from a crash that it probably would need to be straightened before mounting the frame cradle.

Does anyone have the frame cradle with stock exhaust on their 125?

I have one on my wife's 05 TTR125LE with the stock exhaust. It's tight (actually it rests against it) but it fits.

I bought a 2004 TTR125LE a couple years ago. The previous owner had installed one of the "old style" BBR frame cradles with a stock pipe. He obtained a little more pipe/cradle clearance by simply grinding about an 1/8th of an inch off the cradle's front brackets. He did a nice job. He ground a small radius on each bracket edge to match the contour of the pipe. Didn't notice it until I put on a BBR pipe. (The BBR pipe has tons of clearance.)

Stock pipe clears the new BBR frame cradle and easily installs in just a few minutes.



As percyco points out, the newer style clears - we have one as well, the older style may have an issue more with fitment as there is not the same amount of adjustment and hole line up when it's all welded up. Remove the head pipe and it should fit, then replace the pipe. Don't over-torque the head nuts, they're like 7.5 ft-lbs! Not much.


Mine is the "old style" but that's because the new style wasn't out yet.:confused:


Thanks for the replies everybody!

i went with the old style,,,cuz welded is stronger more ground clearance....but both are good and the new looks better...

I have one on my wife's 05 TTR125LE with the stock exhaust. It's tight (actually it rests against it) but it fits.

Same with my wife's 02 TTR125L.

have an '03 ttr125l and the new bbr cradle. Stock exhaust also. It fit, only was tight. Had to loosen the exhaust bolts a little to squeeze cradle in, then re-tighten exhaust bolts. As everyone has mentioned, the frame probably has stretched and the skid plate bolts may not line up perfectly.

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