06-07 clutch springs fit 08?

Getting ready to order some stiffer clutch springs (figure the way I abuse my clutch it's good insurance) but everything is listed for 06-07, I'm assuming they're the same just wanted to check before ordering. Also the clutch covers from 06-07 and 08 are the same too right? TIA guys.

yes :confused:

Thanks bud :confused:

Thanks bud :confused:

This brings up a question. If I remember correcty 2 of the mags I read was able to get the 07 clutch to slip on the first day. Has anybody else had this same problem. I have an 07 wiht probably 30-40 hours on it, and i have had no clutch issues. I ride it hard at the dunes (if you have ever ridden at the dunes, you will know just how hard it is on a motorcycle) and ride it hard just about every time I take it out. I have yet to feel it slip. I have even put it in 3rd or 4 at a dead stop and dumped the clutch just to see if it would.

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