Stator Gasket

I am about to rewind my stator and have heard that I might need to buy the gasket that may tear when removing the cover. Does it usually break? I am ordering some other parts and dont want to place two seperate orders.



The way it usually works out is if you don't buy the gasket it will tear, and if you do get one it will be fine. Just buy the gasket to be safe.

When I removed mine it stayed intact so perhaps I was lucky!? But it looked like it could easily be siliconed. The surface is very narrow so if you had to remove it again it wouldn't be a big deal. Better than spending 30 bucks or more I think!

I've had mine off three times now and re-used it because it was just fine.

But like cleonard said, I bought one BEFORE I took it off the very first time - otherwise I would have probably had to replace it!

Get a gasket, 99.5% you'll need it.

1. Get a gasket.

2. RTV the side that goes against the stator cover.

3. Use Hylomar or some other non-hardening sealant on the side that goes against the engine.

4. Never buy another gasket for that bit.

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