Dunlop 739

Don't get me wrong, to my opinion, Dunlop tires in general are very good tires :D. Love my 739 rear tire, also love the 756. But is there anybody that can affirm that he (she) liked his (her) riding experience with a front Dunlop 739. :)

It seems that all new bikes come with this tire (my old kdx200 1983 came with that tire on and my 426f 2001 too). Nevertheless, I think that this tire is nothing better than a danger for all of us :D. I rode this tire, in all kind of terrain and it never could get the job done. The sand makes it feel like if you had a bent rim, it slides on hard terrain...why are motorcycle compagnies still selling their bikes with this tire on??? I'm sure that Dunlop themselves could produce an even cheaper tire that works better than that.

I guess I'm all alone with my opinion since things haven't change for almost 20 years :D (kdx200 '83 -- Wr426F '01)


I tossed mine after dislocating my left elbow while riding in mud, the bike slide out like i hit ice ! It's pretty good for blue groove, but other then that , i think they are crap! J.M.O. :)

I love the 739 rears but I agree, the fronts are good for nothing more that a flower bed. (remember, we are close to Ark) :)

I think we need to start a petition for Yamaha to stop putting that piece of crap on new bikes. Better yet, petition Dunlop to stop making them!

There OK for stright line, but don't try to turn


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