YZ250 Maintenance

Hi, I'm looking to buy a 07-08 250 2-stroke and heard many good things about the YZ. And I'm wondering what kind of maintenance schedule these bikes need. I'm used to 4-strokes and It's beginning to be that I'm working on my CRF more than riding it. Thanks.

since you have a X model I am guessing you ride woods. You will need to rebuild the top end on a 2 stroke 250 every 40-80 hours depending on how you ride. A lot of people have got over 100+ hours out of a top end. It is a cheap and easy procedure to perform. Keep the air filter clean and the gearbox oil fresh ( every 5 hours or so ). imo they dont require nearly as much maintenance. ill let someone else chime in some more info

I actualy ride mostly motocross, and I rebuild my bike ever 50 hours so that's noting. I just want to know everything that needs to be done. As I'm used to 4-stoke maintenance like valve adjusting and that sort of thing.

Word is that the cast pistons last even longer in these bikes. I changed my original OEM after 60 hours cause compression was getting sorta low. I figure I can go another 60-100 hours before the next one. The two stroke top end job is so easy even I can do it.

I change my gear oil every 4-5 trail rides which are usually 4-6 hours in length. I think the oil needs to look different than new before it comes out.:confused:

How often do powervalves need cleaning.

How often do powervalves need cleaning.

I do those when I do the top end too. However, I don't race which may require a more aggressive interval.

How often do powervalves need cleaning.

If you keep it jetted correctly, they stay clean a LONG time.

I cleaned the pv on my 97 once in 5 years. The new one is more complicated, but expect to forget how to clean it by the time you have to.

cleanliness is godliness as is on any bike!!! keep filter clean, bearings greased do a topend once yearly as well as fresh suspension fluid and adjust the jetting according to the season and the bike will last a long time!

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