Success Story!

I am very excited and had to share this!

if anyone has noticed i have been asking all kinds of questions on here. this is because i purchased my 99 klx300 completly disassembled and in boxes. it had severe top end damage and i have never worked on an engine like this before.....actually only once on a go kart thats it. any who, thanks to all the great tips and wonderful people online here with their suggestions, my bike is now completly assembled, runs great, and i can ride it anytime. this thing is fantastic. its all stock, the air box lid is off, though i might put it back on untill it dries out around here.... but this bike is awesome! i mean i love it. ive had hopped up mx race bikes, woods bikes, the whole 9 yards and i think this is my favorite bike for everyday riding. thanks to everyone who helped me out! i love this bike! thanks again! :confused:


That's a great feeling - putting a basket case together and having it run great! Enjoy the ride!


maybe i'll post a picture on here! if i can figure that out......

edit: i think i got a way...1003630aa9.jpg



hooray. i think that works.

Looks great! Too bad you didn't get that service manual sooner.

I just got my 99 last week! Waiting on the idler gear, so have only ridden it about 200 yards. Did my ACR mod today out of boredom. Oh well, weather sucks anyhow. I don't think spring is ever gonna' get here.

BTW, Your seat has been recovered, huh? Mine is like a dove gray, which surprisingly, is OEM. It's in perfect shape, but I really don't care for the color.

Go do a couple wheelies for me!!


Great! Keep coming back, we'll help you keep it running.

Great stuff !!!

hey don, the recover is made by "ceet" they make a few different designs inclusing one that got green sides. i figured black was the way to go though. i would be mopst interested in knowing the acr mod, i'll search it up real quick. my idler gear since putting this puppy together has lost 4 teeth somehow. lucky i got them all out and changed the oil. but what a poor design. new one is ordered and old one has been removed. lemme tell ya this thing is pretty hard to pop start with the new piston/rings. should be here soon. i got it at ron ayers since my dealer wanted 110 bux for it. (rip off) saved like 35 bux that way...... so what else should i do to this bad boy?

And if anyone knows where to pickup the plastic holder that keeps the fork guard on, i obviously need that too for the right side. i have it but the mount thing is broken.

I got my '94 as a kit. Cracked case and broken output shaft due to idler gear bushing wear. The gear teeth were fine. What made it worth it was the $100 box of parts that included a case that I had lined before I bought the bike.

Too bad you didn't do the ACR mod before you assembled the top end. Do it now while you're waiting for the new gear.

seriously a great write up. though hard to picture when sitting in front of a computer, i'll have to print it and take it back apart. (i just had it apart to do valve clearances) didnt think of it. :excuseme: theres definatly a "hard" spot in the kicking. that and the damn gear was flopping all over the place. but im sure to get it all squared away. you guys are flippin SUPER! i'll have it kickin over like a worn out two stroke in no time!! if anyone knows that feeling. hehe. :confused:

The locals here had to clue me in too....Brewster does the cam mod for a lot of folks here, if you're interested. The only trouble I had doing it was gettin' the ACR off the cam....sweet jeeesus, I didn't think it was ever gonna' start moving. Once it finally budged, then it wasn't bad.

There was an article with pics on Maybe some one has it?

Pull off your valve cover and look at the left side of the exhaust cam. That is the ACR. I needs to be repositioned CW on the cam as described in the Burnrider's post.

So basicly it just needs to be pushed off the end, rotated 3 mm ccw and re-inserted? seems easy enough. i dont want to go around breaking off any more teeth on my new gear lol.

wait is it clockwise or counter? confused now

OOOOOPS. Let's see, the cam rotates CCW, the ACR needs to be retarded, therefore it needs to to be relocated CW, yes CLOCKWISE! I will edit my previous post.

Sorry about the bad info.

haha its cool, i was just reading that and the write-up before it and was like aw crap now im lost. figured i mis-read something. thanks though ! appreciate the help. any one else going RIDING TODAY!!! on their klx? i know i am! :confused: go out and get some action shots!

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