Still confused.. FCR MX and Muzzy??

:confused: Okay I've been sitting on my FCR from TT for over a month now.* The weather is starting to get better and I'm getting itchy to get it together.* Anyways my ? is I currently just have a WB slip-on and I want to upgrade to a full exhaust.* After ALOT of reading I'm still confused about jetting. ** I'm about 1200ft and the main jet is 160.* With a new exhaust cork out it should be fine.* The muzzy says 96db or under with silencer and spark arrestor, 97 or so with just spark arrestor, and over 100db with out both. Will I have to rejet everytime I put the spark arrestor*in or can I just put a 158 main jet and leave it?? I haven't heard a full muzzy yet and I might just leave the spark arrestor out if its beardable. Sorry for my confusion!!:excuseme:

ps I have my mind made up on a muzzy.


at that elevation i would be running a 158 or 155 main jet with teh cork out anyway.

You should really rejet if you do cork it up. With practice you can do it with the bike together in 10 - 15 mins. But it would okay without a rejet, just not great.

I run the quiet core and spark arrester and it really is not that loud at all. Sounds similiar to the yosh but with a little deeper tone. You can probably get by without rejetting when you pull the sa but you may have to move your needle up or down a notch. Either way it is an easy and quick job.

i would leave it the way it is and go for a test drive and then report back.i'm at 1400 ft and when i had just the 3x3,full yosh rs3 ex(uncorked) and 39 fcrmx i was running a 155mj

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