rut riders chadwick?

we are going down to chadwick next weekend as long as it aint raining the whole time.:confused: any takers?

i will be there end of april, but you can ride chadwick even if it rains the whole time.

I will be there this weekend.. not sure about next weekend.

I'd consider it if I could talk someone like Mark into going to split gas costs. 400 miles one way with gas prices gets expensive fast...

The other issue is the weather. They've had all those flooding issues and the forcast calls for 40% chance of rain Wed, Thurs and Friday, with 60% on Sunday.

I hope it all works out for you! :confused:

we might have a extra seat i will let you know middle of the week

Sounds like a good time if it doesn't rain alot more. My wife is off for the for the first time in a month next weekend, plus I burned my kitchen pass going to Tucson in February. So I hope you guys have a great time and I would like to see an update post when you get back.

Have fun and be safe.

mid or end of april and id be in. just gimme some notice.

we might have a extra seat i will let you know middle of the week

I appreciate even the consideration.

Still on the fence about it. Though, the weather forecast is looking better, bikes are ready and the wife gave the go ahead...

Out of curiousity, when would you be leaving? Returning? Camping? Hotel?


Damn! :confused:

most likely leave early sat morning 3:30 4:00 a.m. ride sat. hotel. ride some sun come home. i will know more thurs some of the guys want to go to timber ridge ,were waiting to see if it rains in omaha if so were headin to chadwick.peace

As much as it pains me to do this. I'm going to bow out on Missouri before the offer even comes in. It's the wife's birthday weekend for one, RV should be rideable, but more than that, we got an offer on one of the houses (the one we are living in).

As you can imagine, with this market, we are lossing our rear end. So, I'm trying to save a money and have quite a few things to do if we are going to make it out of the house in 45 days.

I greatly appreciate the offer and consideration, but I must respectfully decline. Whether you guys go down, or stay in town, I hope you have a blast.

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