riding in 30-40 degree ok

my drz400 is brand new (i took it for a 30 mile road ride the day i got it), my question is with teh stock jetting and such will it hurt the bike to ride it in 35-40 degree weather. i just dont want to wait until it gets warmer. thanks for any advise.

Just ride it like you stole it, I ride mine year round from 15 degrees to 115 degrees.

ride mine in cold all the time. Mainly just to work though, cause it's been starting out in the 30s and 40s in the morning and warming into the 60s by afternoon.

yea dont worry about the bike, it heats up in any weather so you will freeze before your bike :confused:

yea dont worry about the bike, it heats up in any weather so you will freeze before your bike :confused:

i have to admit i looked pretty funny riding thru town on my bike while wearing all of my snowmibile gear:ride:

i was mainly wondering if there was going to be a issue with the temp and the stock jetting of the bike. i dont know much about bikes but on my snowmobile such a drastic change in temps from the stock jetting set up isnt good for the snowmobile motor (2 stroke) and just wonedered if the same was true for a 4 stroke drz.

I ride mine if it is above 15 degreesF and there is no snow or ice on the road. I ride all the time. Way more fun than driving the truck. Easier on the wallet for fuel. Ride 'til it hurts!!!

you guys are crazy, prob still cold even with all that gear. i hated dirt riding when it was in the 20's. I guess i needed better gear since my fingers always got cold

I've had mine out riding around all this winter. -20 to -30 was my cutoff for being "too damn cold". I am running an FCR with recommended jetting for normal temps but it seemed to run find without any problems.

thanks guys! this is the answers i was hoping for. im gonna tear it up all day tomorrow. :confused:

my personal record is 25 degrees. Engine was all stock no problems.

Temp really only matters when tryin' to start the bike.

I use snowboarding pants over my regular pants, little baggy but it keeps the chill off.

I rode in about 25 degree going to work and bike ran like a champ. Sure my face, neck and hands were freezing but bike was surely warm. All my snowboarding gear and Red Wing boots did the trick, for the most part.

I've been riding everyday here and have had 0 problems so far. My worst was 15 degrees F, but who knows what it was with the wind chill!!!

Im glad its finally starting to warm up again...

Brrrr i'm such a wimp I won't touch the bike till it spikes above 40F

Just rode this morning...22 degrees. :confused:

By the afternoon it should be 56 degrees. The thing about Washington weather is, if you don't like it, wait 15 minutes. :excuseme:

I ride my drz400sm to work about 30 miles one way sometimes 25 deg. in the am. The bike ran perfectly but watch the tires and don't turn to hard for the first several miles until the tires heat up. good luck,CFC

Cold weather no issue.. Your not going to hurt the motor. It will run so bad if lean enough to hurt it, you would never ride it that way. It's not a 2 stroke, not the same worrys

I got a set of electric gloves, and they help a LOT. Big hand guards should also help (to keep the wind off).

Between that and layers on the rest of me, I'm good (at highway speeds) down to 35 or so. The only thing that gets more than a little cold is my feet.

My bike actually runs a lot better when I ride in the cold than when it is really hot out. I guess I probably have some jetting issues.

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