Clancy OHV in MT

Has anyone ever been to this OHV area? I guess it is by Sheep Mountain. Is it open yet?

I was planning on checking out Sheep Mountain in the next couple of weeks. If I do, I'll let you know. I have not been there before, or yet this year.

Perfect! PM me when you head out. My bike should be ready by then. I'm sure there are a few more TT'ers itchin' to get out.

Roger, that.

I'm posting this for anyone who finds this thread in the future and wonders how to get to Sheep Mountain OHV area in Clancy. This is from the BLM Web site:

The Clancy OHV trail system is part of a larger plan approved in 2000, and provides a system of designated roads and trails to ensure a wide variety of motorized and non-motorized recreation opportunities while protecting important resource issues. Trail development began in 2005.

To date, BLM has invested $50,000 in the trail system with more expenditures expected in the future. There are currently about 10 miles of designated trail that traverse approximately 1,000 acres of BLM land. An additional two miles of trail are planned for the future, as well as improvements to the trail head.

Although primarily developed for motorcycles and ATVs, the trails receive use by mountain bikers, horseback riders, and hikers as well. All motorized travel is restricted to the designated trail system (no off road/trail travel allowed).

To access the area, use the Clancy exit from I-15 south of Helena, and drive west for approximately 3 miles to the Sheep Mountain road intersection (located on north side of road), and follow the signs for 3 more miles to the Ohio Gulch Trailhead.


I've been looking at BLM's site and I don't see anything about Sheep Mountain OHV area. I've been looking on Google earth to find it but no luck. With school this year I've been swamped with engineering work, but plan on getting out some this summer. A few of the guys I know in Bozeman are heading down to the dunes MAY 9~11th at St. Anthony ID. I would like to fill the other time kicking it up at a few of the out of the way areas in MT. West of Birdseye again and in the Belts.

Hope to hook up...doit!


I figured out on Google maps I can take 14 miles of dirt roads from my house in Helena to Sheep Mountain OHV area. So I made the impromptu decision to buzz over there this morning on the DRZ400e.

The map at the trailhead showed the trails. Overall, it doesn't look like it's a very big riding area. But the trails were fun. It was dry, save for a couple of mud holes. I enjoyed it.

Here's a pic of the terrain:


I'm posting this for anyone who finds this thread in the future and wonders how to get to Sheep Mountain OHV area in Clancy.

How about posting it in the Where to Ride section?? :eek:

Thanks in advance.



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