'07 YZF250 oil drain bolt issue

I was changing the oil on my bike the other day, and when I was screwing the bolt in which is in the frame behind the front tire I noticed it wasn't tightning up. It felt like I had a bolt that was too small for it. So I removed it thinking I had mixed it up with one of the other 7 bolts you have to remove to drain the oil.

When I removed the bolt the threads came with it.

I was screwing the bolt in with my fingers and the threads on the bolt arn't messed up.

Someone told me they had, had a problem with the welds in the area, on their bike I guess they didn't hold, and they lost all the oil.

I was wondering if anyone else heard of any recalls on this. Or if you just have any information on this.

I had just warmed it up and I'm wondering if it had softened the metal and caused it to happen or something.

I'm at a lost I've never had anything like this happen before.

Please help with any information you have. Thank You!

is it still under warranty, call your dealer, maybe there is a recall or needs to be

if its a yz only a 30 day war.

ouch, that sucks

One thought would be to drill and tap it for a 7 MM bolt. Maybe a helicoil. Call your dealer or a mechanic if you know one. At least it is easy to get to.

This had to have happened to others, especially the oil filter bolts. I've never had a problem yet but aluminum is pretty easy to strip.

You obviously overtightened it.

those aluminum engines will bite you if you arent using a torque wrench

ya i think im gonna end up tapping it, I take an automotives class so i can do it in there pretty easily.

Thanks for all the help

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