Need few spokes for 2005 ttr230 rear wheel

I need a few spokes with nipples for my rear wheel on my 2005 ttr230. Does anyone out there have an old wheel they would be willing to sell some off ? THe dealer will only sell them as a full set.

anyone ?

They are hard to find. I needed about 8 for my front wheel but never could find any either. I ended up buying a whole set just to get rolling again.

I ran into the same problem. I couldn't find a place that sold individual spokes. I ended up buying a spoke kit and replacing all of them.

So are you telling me you have extra spokes but you are not going to hook me up ????????

No, I don't have any. I tossed all of the old spokes as they were jacked up. I broke a bunch just trying to tighten them, then a bunch more when I removed all to replace.

I don't have any either, I had to use the whole set, I wrecked that front wheel real good.

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