Your favorite bike mods..

No.1 for me was the SDG seat. No more slipping off the back!

No.1.5 braided brake line.Improved the stopping power by 100%

No.2 was yoshimura pipe. Aussie wr pipe is very restricted.

No.3 suspension revalve and shock spring.

No.4 fuel screw. For fine tuning.

No.5 works connection clutch lever.Its a lot lighter.

No.6 yz timing and home made powernow.450/426 riders are amazed with the Snap!


yeah i was wondering how people do those indos and shit, cause my front brake right out of the floor, and mine wouldnt do it.

Jetting kit and full exhaust, I can wheelie in top off the throttle now.

Suspension, if you are above 165 pounds and race or ride hard, YZ Forks and shock. (I tried everything w/my 07 wr forks) Factory Connection revalved and sprung to my weight and rider ability. I'll bet you all 100.00 bucks if you could ride my bike, you would agree, that this is the single biggest improvment you could do for performance. :confused: Jeff S

Yeah, like I previously stated im 205, thats after I get outta the shower, so tac on another 25+ for gear and everything, I could only imagine that my stock suspension is taking some abuse. Ill have to look into getting some, or do something. My front fork seals are already ruined, so I need to replace those. hopefully they wont be hard to do, never done it before.

Question of Don. I disconnected the blue/white wire next to the grey disconnected wire and noticed no difference in start cranking time. Why do you think?

I wish I could tell you:excuseme: Myself and three other buddies have done this on our 07's and without a doubt, if the bike is jetted right the start is instantaneous like the KTM's and Huskies.... prior to the wire cut it was always 2 - 3 dead revolutions before she fired...

JD jetting kit and suspension.

kb87, I went with the low profile enduro shields on the Cyrcra Pro Bends initially (which are outstanding hand guards by the way), but had a tree branch sneak under the slim guard and hit my thumb. :excuseme: I changed to the larger guards and they offer much better protection. The Cycra's are tied into the BONZ bar mounts - the combo is very strong. I've had a few nasty get-offs and only had to tweak them back into position (no damage to bars, etc). Even if you don't ride woods, these protect your levers, etc when you dump it. :confused:

Birdy, Autodecomp hot cams. Assuming you own a YZF? I think lol..

Nope...WR...Hot Cams add a bunch of midrange hit and a whole bunch of top end without really hurting the bottom end more thing that amazed me with the improvement it made for the buck is one of those machined aluminum clevises that attaches the rear brake pedal to the master cylinder. Holy crap did that ever improve the action of the rear brake!

those machined aluminum clevises that attaches the rear brake pedal to the master cylinder.


  • Rekluse
  • Scotts Damper w/ SUB Mount
  • Fastway Footpegs
  • 13/49 Gearing
  • Dr. D Can
  • JD Jetting

In that order...SC

Wow, Alotta stuff I need to check out. That money thing is always an issue for me tho. Unlike you RICH Guys =D

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