what could I do to my yz85 to make it better for motocross I have a fmf sst pipe a fmf shorty silencer and a 13 tooth front sprocket (stock is 14) it has a lot of top end I want a little more top speed for the straits because the organization I race with makes me race with crf150r's thanks in advance

well since your running with the 150s id say make it a 104 n get the cylinder ported cause u should be able 2 since the 150s have 2 run supermini in ama

but check and make sure with who u race with that u can do that and if u can do that cause then theyll be the ones tryin 2 keep up wit u

i was thinking of boring it out but then they would make me race in the 125 class:bonk:

holeshot device vforce 3 reeds. suspension re valve

get a 14 or 15 tooth front sprocket and a rad valve:thumbsup:

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