Headin to Ashland tomorrow

Sup guys, heading to Ashland tomorrow from 5-9. Price is 16 bucks to practice if you don't already know. Look me up if you go. Blue 04' F-150 pickup and a 07' CRF450 with yellow backgrounds and the # 172 in black. Going with a couple friends who have 450s as well. We just go out and bust out some fun laps. Good friendly competitive fun. :confused:

Sounds like fun. its doubtful that I will go, but I'll stop by and say hello if I do. I will be driving/riding the f150/crf450 combo as well.

Hope to see ya! Nice combo!

I haven't been to Ashland yet. have you been to Soaring Edge? If so, are they similar? Give details of your ride. I'm looking forward to hitting that place for sure!

How was Ashland?

How was Ashland?

I didn't make it out there.... :confused::excuseme:

Did you go Triton?

I'm guessing Triton didn't go, doesn't care, or went and ended up in the hospital. Triton...you out there?

Sorry, was out of town last weekend and have been busy with work. Yes, I went last Thurs and had a good time. Track was prepped up a bit (watered,de-rutted). I'll probably head up there again this Thurs. Looking for some trails this weekend. Anybody going riding?

Good to hear you're okay.

I'm out this weekend, but should be good to go by next weekend. Linkage bearing came in yesterday and I pressed it in last night. Have to go get some new nylocks today and plan on getting going tonight. I'm taking this Friday off (again) and hope to have the bike back together and ready to rock-n-roll by Sunday (other family obligations will butt in here and there.)

After that...I'm up for as much riding as I can get.

I heard River Valley is open. Slick in spots, but very rideable (according to Blaster.) Not sure if you're a fan of RV, but it's close, convenient, and cheap.

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