Swingarm ate my hardware!!

First of all got to say love the forum, it's not just a website it's a life style.:excuseme::sweden:

Anyone ever lose anything into there swingarm during a linkage and arm bearing service????:crazy:

Sad to say she ate a washer during this springs regrease and is not giving it up without a fight. One little 2 inch space between the horizontal piece that holds the linkage and the arm, and of course that is where it slid into during disassembly.:excuseme:

So whats the silly's thing you lost in your suspension parts and how did you get it back??????:confused:

Well, couple of days before a big ride up at the Cinders I was putting in a new air screw and the rubber o-ring fell off. I seen it fall off, hit the garage floor and roll right into the crack between the concrete pads, all in slow motion of course:censored: That crack was deep because it just disappeared, even the shop vac couldn't get it out:cry: Needless to say I now have two air screws and one o-ring!

try using a magnet?

try using a magnet?

magnets don't work on rubber!!

magnets don't work on rubber!!
or aluminum.

exact same thing happened to me a couple days ago.

move the swing arm until the washer rolls back to the opening slot; this is on the right side... right?

this is a metal washer , so yes magnet will work.

I used one of those small pocket type magnets with a swivel head, it pulled it right out.

option 2 ,

go to walmart to the craft section , buy small magnet, it is $1.50 for 4 piece.

wrap a string around it an secure it with a piece of clear tape., throw the magnet in the hole where your washer was eaten.

Swash it back and forth.... it will retrieve your washer. pull it out with the string.

IF you don't catch the washer right off....try a carolina rig with a 1/4 oz. sinker, a 2\0 hook. It's all about presentation man.

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