knocking or ticking in neutral

was working on my bike (06 YZ450) and spun the rear wheel by hand while its up on the stand in neutral. I hear a knocking or ticking sound while doing this. I notice that it coincides with exactly one revolution of the drive sprocket and it sounds like its coming from that area. I checked to see if it was the chain or anything else exterior but could not find anything. The bike runs fine and I don't hear any abnormal noises while its running.....I changed the oil a week ago and everything was fine. I did the same thing on my son's yz125 just to make sure and it does not do it. Any ideas what this is?

One possibility is a damaged tooth one of the four gears in the trans that rotate in neutral when the rear wheel is turned. That would be either the 4th or 5th gear pair. The other three pairs are stationary if the mainshaft isn't turning. To check this, you might want to try putting the bike in 4th and then in 5th, pushing it with the engine off and the clutch in. The knock should get louder in one of those two gears if that is the problem.

Otherwise, I can't think of anything off the top of my head except perhaps the output shaft seal dust cover rubbing on one spot in the back of the sprocket.

wow, good call Grayracer. I pushed it in all gears with clutch and in 4th gear the sound is very pronounced. I don't really ride in 4th that much so it must of been a really bad shift or something? Strange, cause I had this same type of thing happen on my 03 but it was third gear that went.....dang, this is pretty expensive since I am unable to do the work myself. Well, thanks for the help.

wow, good call Grayracer.
It's not always so much fun to be right :excuseme::confused::excuseme:

wow gray is super smart heh

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