Newbie to the 650R!

My buddy just gave me his 650r for next to nothing. I'm really excited. I have seen the writing on the wall (gas) and am going to put a Trick Dual Sport package on the bike so I can ride it to work. Gas Saver + lots of fun. I have been researching and two things come to mind that have a lot of different feedback. One: What other type motorcycle rims are compatible with the 650R? Two: What the he?? is the Air Suction Valve? I am going to uncork the bike and get rid of un-necessary parts. Is the latter one of them. I live in the highly civilized area of Clarksville, Tennessee where these types of parts don't matter. I am leaving the country for a few months which affords me time to figure these issues out (possibly) before I really ride it. I rode the bike tonight, which has been sitting a while and it needs help (carb gunk). I plan to order the specific parts to uncork it, plus protect it. My wife is pissed since I haven't sold my YZ250 or CRF250X. I have another kid on the way (this makes two under two) and plan to have the XR as my one outlet I can ride out of the garage to maintain my sanity without taking the whole day to trailer etc.... Please help a fellow brother in need. I'm honored to be part of the BRP clan and will contribute back as I become educated. Thanks Dirtmissile.

As for the air suction valve,it's on the side of the carb.Some people block off the vacuum hole to disable it.Without it the throttle cuts off real abrupt.(Makes it kinda a pain to ride in traffic).Also with it on it keeps the exhast "popping" on when you let off.

Hey guys thanks for the info on the bike. I will order the necessary parts and affix them to the bike.

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