Rad guards recommendations!?

What rad guards/braces are everyone having good experiences with? I like the looks of the Unabiker product, but don't know anyone who has tried them. I'm also wondering if anyone has had problems installing any with an oversized tank. I put a 4.3 gallon Clarke on mine.

Search. It's been covered (thoroughly). But the short answer is: Unabiker's are the bomb.

yep +1 for the unabiker, and no fitment issues with the clarke 4.3 either

Guess I'm +2; also have the Clarke fitted.

Yep - Unabiker, full frontal and side protection, no other rad guard comes even close. Prepare do do some swearing when installing them.

I put works connection on mine(cheap).Still was able to bend the lower right with my FOOT when it fell on it. And i walked away.

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