Trail Tech setting ?

I just installed my Trail Tech. Measured the tire and came up with 2108. I measured on concrete. In dirt with the knobs sinking into the dirt it seems as I should add something to this. I run a Dunlop 756 80/100/21. Anyone runs this tire with a dead on Trail Tech #. I think I am off by approx. 4%. Thanks

Hey there Traverse City...

Ever been to the Black Star Farms winery?

About your computer, have you run a 10 mile test on the highway yet? I have done that, and you can really, really dial in the computer. After that, what ever you are off by, you can correct by this formula:

Indicated miles traveled multiplied times your current wheel setting, then divide that product by 10. The outcome should be your new wheel setting.

(I'll check my Panoram info tonight to make sure that is the formula)

Do that a couple of times, and you should be able to get that thing super accurate.


Let's say your computer indicated 10.5 miles traveled (against 10 mile markers) and you have a wheel setting of 2105. 2105 x 10 / 10.5 = 2004.76 (of which I'd probably set to 2005, and try again)

hope that helps.....

I also would like the numbers. I used the Trail Tect setting of 2205. Seems pretty dog gone close. Haven't used gps against trail tect yet.

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