rekluse pro

I have yz450f 07 ,does anyone have rekluse setting suggestions thank scotty442

In my '06 I started with the recommended 'default' settings but found that it was so tight that I was actually able to brake stall occasionally so I went with the next stiffer spring to raise the engagement/disengagement RPM slightly and now it works perfectly. Definitely go with 27 balls for the nice, crisp engagement.

i'm seriously thinking of getting the pro. i put a flywheel weight in last year - GYTR offroad. will there be a plus to leaving it in? or should i put back in the stock?

I think the Rekluse Pro will work well with the flywheel weight, you may have to play with your engagement set-up to get it the way you want. The setting depends on the type of riding you do. I used mine for MX with a higher engagement, mostly for starts, it worked well. Once you get it working the way you want, it's maintence free. The best feature with the Pro is that you have the best of both worlds, a clutch when you want or no clutch at all.

I would love to try a rekluse, but their like 5 or 6 hundred bucks :confused:

Thank for info snow still on the ground in mn cant wait to ride scotty442

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