My Motard Pics

thought you guys might like to see the SuperMoto, here it is almost complete....street legal except that the turn signals have not been mounted has a battery, horn and all! notice the triple clamps- polished and anodized ble as well as the wheels, the forks are hard anodized, the swingarm is powder coated, I tried to pay attention to the small stuff, the handguard mounts are anodized, the chain tensioner blocks are anodized....what do you think?ltside3.jpg






Very nice !!!!!!!!!! Now you just need to keep it like that. :D

Pete :)

Why didn't you just buy a sport bike? :)

Very nice!

Are those sun rims?

Who lowered your suspension?

I am with you Phillips...I appreciate the work you have done Team Scream ,but, I just don't get the SuperMotard stuff...I guess if you had money to blow? And why is called motard anyway. I don't want to hurt feelings here, but, the first time I saw supermotard I laughed my ass off. Am I pronouncing motard wrong? And yes I know it is HUGE in Europe and Oz. Most of us (or just me) don't get it. I rather just get a R-1.


I have a GSX-R750 that I race at the club level, I do low 1:24's at Willow Springs and low 28's at Laguna Seca, I finished 4th overall in 750 Superbike at Willow Springs last year on my "SuperStock" gixer, it was my rookie season! I can smoke ANYONE through the canyons (Rock Store area) of Southern California when im on my "Motard" they can ride WHATEVER they want! this bike handles the tight stuff better than any R-1 and its also kinda neat to see them back way off when I go past them into a corner full lock sideways with my knee on the ground...and the cool thing is that top speed is less than 100 MPH so I may live a little longer? who knows...anyway it (motard) is a style that is so totaly addicting that once you do it and actually learn the "hack" (sliding into corners on pavement with your feet on the pegs)everything else pales in least in my book! thanks for the comments you guys....I really appreciate it!


Heya SFO no those are actually Excell rims, and stainless spokes and nipples

Supermotard is French. It means Superbiker or something like that. The reason they use modified dirt bikes is becasue the races would be a mixture of paved and dirt with a couple small jumps thrown in for good measure. The races they've been having lately here in CA have been in parking lots though, not much dirt and no jumps. Still, you couldn't ride a street bike on these super tight temporary courses.

I'd like to have one, I've had plenty of fast street bikes but the limits are just so high that it's not fun, you can't push them... I couldn't imagine power-sliding the rear around a corner on a big heavy streetbike. I wouldn't want to ride the thing on long rides or on super fast roads but on tighter mountain/canyon roads I think it would be a blast. Plus, just riding around town, you could do whatever you want... jumping curbs, riding down stairs, just imagine the crazy fun you could have! :D:)

They had a race in the parking lot of Anaheim Stadium a couple months ago. Kevin Schwantz ('93 GP world champ) Nicky Hayden (Honda factory Superbike racer/dirtacker) and Larry Pegram (Superbike racer/dirtracker) had so much fun they were laughing their asses off afterwards. They tried to convince the orginizers to let them go out for another race they had so much fun.

You are running a YZ muffler on the street! Holy crap, no wonder other bikes back off when you pass... they aren't used to that type of noise. I'd imagine it won't be long before you get some tickets for the noise. I just put my WR/YZ into street legal dual sport mode and I have a DSP exhaust and when I put the spark arrestor screen in it quieted it down (and softened the power hit :) ) but it's still too loud to ride around on the street.

I'd love to have a KTM 520 with the 6 speed trans for a Supermotard bike!

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Hey!!! I'm starting to see the beauty in this after all :)

TeamScream -

With that front brake disk all cut up like that don't you go through a lot of of pads?

Hahahahah! S Phillips ...that is a good one! the rotor is designed like that, it actually allows air to flow between the pads durning hard sustained braking....the caliper/pads are designed specifically for this and so no the wear is not bad actually. MotoGreg, the YZ muffler has not been an issue yet....I live near the beach and there are a lot of Yuppie Harley guys around with bikes that make mine sound like an XL-70 (remember those?) THe suspension was lowered by Circuit1 Suspension, Dave and Pat have so much experience with dirt and street its sick, they have this thing feeling so good its amazing....I highly recommend them!Circuit-1 Suspension check them out....they are absolutely the best suspension guys in the business in my opinion!

I said I didn't want to hurt feelings. You wrote that it's a Supermoto ,but, it is really a no means did I mean retard...if you think I was implying this. Most of the euro bikes have a Motard model...I have researched them long before I saw your bike..and yes the racing looks like a lot of fun, it reminds of doing crits on our mountain bikes. Motard just sounds funny, I knew it was some kind of euro thing. The translation is just wierd...thats all. I knew you would get all butt hurt. It is like taking a nice 4X4 and lowering it and slapping slicks on it...which for some damn reason people do. :)

Naw Kermit

no hurt feelings is actually refered to as "SuperMoto" also (do a google search) as far as the "bastardization" you are referring to take a look at alot of the Flat Track guys bikes, the CR450F is a popular bike for that...some guys are running YZ/WR's but those bikes are slammed to the ground basically, commonly referred to as "DTX" the suspension is lowered 4-6 inches and 19" wheels laced up, Nicky Haden ripps on one! its all about personal preference...but certainly no hurt feelings...sorry if I seemed like I was validating myself in the last post....I was just trying to let you know what i had experienced and why I choose this style over a sportbike for my play riding, I dont have to load it up in a truck and drive 1-3 hours to ride it, I have BIG fun ripping around town on it and I can ride it to the canyons and carve the tight stuff on Sundays and then ride it home.....its killer

If I had the extra dough... ya never know. At least you don't have to hose mud off her. It does look like a lot of fun. I checked out some racing photos on the Husaberg site. I made my WR street legal so I DO know how fun it is ripping it up on the streets...I do have the stock pipe though, people know I am coming...loud bikes saves lives! :) Do you convert it back? It is so pretty I wouldn't want to. Take back into the dirt..that is. I do like the work you have done I did do the hot rod scene for awhile before I got into the bikes. I just got tired of polishing the damn things. Much nicer (and easier) just playing in the dirt. Riding is riding right?! :D Is there a dual rotor kit for the that would be fricken bad ass!!! I was just at Laguna Seca 5 weeks ago for the Sea Otter race (bicycles)

Snapped my collar bone in half there...almost recovered.

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Ok Here is the best SuperMoto video available on the net. you have to download and INSTALL the "Divx" codec before it will play: (Get Divx Here)

Then come back and click (THIS VIDEO LINK)and be BLOWN AWAY! enjoy it! you will want to go SuperMoto!

:) TeamScream, Nice Motard, very nice, I went for the Gold rims, on mine and a round disc not a wavy, but yours looks well, what gearing are you running?? and what size is that rear tyre ?

Powder coating looks superb, it's nice to see someone on your side of the water, relizing that SM is as much fun as a Sports Bike on the right roads ! :D

Wicked bike Team, cool clip, thanks for posting it. :)

Do you have a spreadsheet of what you did & spent? I'm curious mostly about the wheel setup and what needs to be spent to get going with a set. I have seen some SM's that appear to be running mags from GSXR's or the like?

Feel free to PM me with any info.


:) The rest of you guy's should try this ya know!!! :D The feeling when you carve some poor sucker on a Sports Bike, out brake him, go round, under, where ever you want, has to be experianced to be believed :D the only thing they aren't great for is long distance.

AND when you do throw it on the to repair, none of this 2 grand on plastic's nonsense! :D

"back in the day" ABC used to have Superbikers on once a year. It was a bunch of motorcycle racers from different areas of racing (some mx'rs, road racers and dirt trackers, I think?). They used to hold the race at Carlsbad.

It was way cool to watch them fly down the paved straightaway and "back it in" to the turn, feet up :)


Very nice bike Scream!

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