My Motard Pics

Scream thanks for the Clips that looks like a blast..

More ??

Hey Guy

Thanks for the comments! I only wish we had world class events like you guys do over there for SM, if you get a chance watch the vide clip i linked here it from the French championship for 2000 and it is absolutely the best SM action I have ever seen, I would really like to know if you can find any videos on your side that show this kind of action, I would gladly pay you a premium for some hot SM videos if you were willing to ship them to me, I cant find any anywhere....and it sucks!

As for the rear tire its a 160, the front is a 120, the forks (including the end caps) are hard anodized black and the swingarm is powder coated.

Let me know about video!

Hey scream

Next mod must be a suitable large bore master cylinder to allow you to use that big front brake caliper without pulling the lever to the bars?


[ May 21, 2002: Message edited by: wrsm ]

Hey WRSM NICE BIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Damn Dude!

listen I tried a GP style master cylinder (Brembo) and I didnt like it believe it or not, it was too abrupt, I actually like the softer feel for trail braking (Freddy Spenser Style) the stock setup will put this thing on its nose in a heartbeat! and for my likes it makes it more controllable, now on my race bike I actually like the hard feel....but braking from 170MPH is way different than braking from 60-70MPH, but trust me I tried it the other way.

Thanks for the input!

Scream, you are a sick human! But the bike is well done. I'm not into SM, but it is a work of art!

Nice!! I'll have to get my chain adjusters anodized now.

Heres My WR Motard 'cept I've got black rims now.

I've got an AVI of the 2001 Guidon D'or if your interested, its a large file but it fits on a CD



I would love to have that CD bro! tell me what to do, pay for shipping indeed? whatever! I want it! Nice Bike to by the way bro!

Dan From HB

Thanks alot my is a sickness.....and I get a beating everytime my wife looks at it in the garage....heheheh. :)

Check my website if you like...its mainly my roadrace stuff and its not up to date for this season yet but I am working on it.

Click The Scream!

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