Lost Spark Plug Tool - suggestions?

I lost the handy little spark plug tool that comes with the bike. I tried to find a slim socket that would fit in the hole with no luck - has anyone purchased a replacment from Yamaha - if so what is the part number? I also hear there are 3rd party knockoffs has anyone found one of these that works?

Any other solutions that you have used?


I use a craftsman spark plug socket with a swivel and short extension, (5/8 i think) it works well as it has a rubber inside to retreive the plug.

+1 but i use a 1/4 and a 8" extention

I have the Motion Pro spark plug socket. It works great

Go to about any place that offers motorsports parts - it's actually a pretty cheap item in terms of cost and the way it's made. Otherwise, get the right size socket, small extensions and/or swivels.

any particular 18mm long socket, a swivel extension and a 3" extension.

Stanley makes a pretty cool socket wrench that has a stationary neck relative to typical wrenches. The ratcheting action is produced by twisting the handle and whatever direction you have it set to is the direction the socket turns no matter which way you are spinning the handle. Would work well for this with the correct size extension and a deep well socket. Then, one day it will come in handy for something else with a mechanical design OOPS.

I have 211 of those wrenches.

I'm sure I can part with one.

PM me and I'll tighten you up.

Us old men gotta stick together.

I use a sparkplug socket and a 3in extention to break it lose then I have to take off the extention because it wont fit out with the plug so then I push a 3/8 hose in the socket unscrew the rest of the way and pull it out.

Thanks for all the responses - I purchased a thin walled socket which has worked well with the extension.

If you still have any of the spark plug wrenches left I would gladly purchase one. Let me know. Thanks and happy New Year!


I have the Motion Pro spark plug socket. It works great

What is the part number for the Motion Pro? Seem to me they make a few.

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