Cam Chain 87 XR600 & 93-2000 XR600.

I found this from back in 2004,

No Comments.

The Cam Chain

for the 87 XR600 & 93-2000 XR600.

the 93-00 chain is much smaller

but they both show 118L.


What Year did the Cam Chain,

get Smaller.


Will the Larger Chain,

Fit the later years?

3) What other Parts,

need to be Changed?

4) Has anyone tried this Upgrade?



I wonder if this fella is still waiting for a reply.

did you say it was posted 4 years ago .

because they both have the same links does not mean thay have the same pitch or over all length.

I'll take the 650L chain. Less rotating mass. Less friction. With proper maintenance, why wouldnt the L chain be the better choice?

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