FMF Q4 vs. Dr.D

I can't decide which one. I know about the oil filter bolt and I can live with that. My question is power vs. sound. I don't want something super loud, but more sound then stock. I first pick is Dr.D but I'm worried about sound. Can someone help me?

I just bought a Q4 for my 08 - if you send me the Dr D I'll let you know how they compare

how's the q4 compared to stock with respect to power/sound?

My 2007 WR450 has the Q4 on it with the stock header. It definetly sounds better than stock. It's quiet though without a doubt. I was out riding one day and the Forest Service LEO's had a sound check station set up in the parking lot. One of the LEO's came and asked me if she could check my bike. I said, "Sure." She then looked down and saw the Q4 and told me, "Nevermind, I don't need to check it." She then walked away. If you are worried about volume get the Q4. There was also a noticeable power gain when I got the Q4. (It also looks really good on the bike).


How do you have it jetted?

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