04 yz 450 pipe upgrade

Hi folks,

I am contemplating a putting a new pipe on my yz, and leaning to the fmf factory 4.1 full system (powerbomb header). The bike runs well with the stock pipe, but I want to personlize it a bit and add some bling.

Any thoughts on whether this pipe is a good choice? My local shop recommends this pipe, but I thought I would check here to get some real world experience and feedback.

Thanks in advance.

Dirt rider mag did an article on the 03 yz exhaust shootout, It might give you some idea. :confused:

Hey that looks like a great article. thanks for the tip!

I will now go back and read it in detail...

You cannot go wrong with that pipe. I don't know if the pipe makers have upgraded their pipes for previous yr bikes but in 04 that pipe produced the most hp for that bike.

I have an 03 and wanted the FMF BUT went w/ a WB Aluminum Pro because I got it cheap on eBay. I am not sorry because it is also a good pipe and I felt a big dif. FMF, WB, Dr.D, Procircut - their stuff is all great. My one suggestion would be unless you have money to burn look at the non-titanium models - you'll save a couple bills. FMF, WB and Procircut all have non-titanium version of their top of the line titanium pipe - a little heavier then titanium with the same performance increase but still lighter then your stock pipe.

P.S. there are good deals on eBay - just make sure the seller has a good record and use PayPal - don't send cash or check.

Check out Yoshimura, I was a big Dr D fan till I tried my first Yosh system!!!!

There is definitely a big difference in price if I order from the US (I am in Canada). Even after shipping, duty, etc., I think I would save about $200 for a complete system.

Thanks for the quick replies and your advice. :confused:

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