AC aluminum subframe (PICs)

The aluminum subframe by AC was for a YZ400 (they don’t make one for the WR), but it worked fine on my WR426.

I had to TIG weld a bracket and spacer so I could keep the coolant overflow bottle. Other than that, the fit was superb, and is much lighter than the steel subframe !

ACR_Aluminum%20Subframe.jpgI ordered it from Power Sports Pro for $178.












you selling it?

Nice work, tk421! That's one cool looking piece!

Have you weighed them to determine the difference? Is the aluminum subframe made of larger tubing or thicker gauge than stock?

Jmiakaike, no not selling it, been aching too long to have one! If only the rest of the frame was aluminum. :)

In regards to your motor, I’m sure something will come up on ebay, or maybe the Parts for Sale section of TT. Sounds like a fun project though, good luck!

Thanks Dominator, I didn’t weigh in the subframes (steel vs. aluminum), but the weight deference is EXTREMELY noticeable. I’d guess half or so the weight of the steel subframe.

The outside diameter of the tubing is the same, but the thickness of the aluminum tubing is twice that of the steel one, much thicker gauge material.

One nice feature that AC did was the steel thread inserts. Adds a bit more durability to the aluminum subframe.

Just saw your ad for the steel subframe, tk421. Thought for a minute you had decided to go "sado-macho" and eliminate the unecessary weight of subframe, seat, rear fender...would have made for some interesting skid marks on the seat of your pants! :):D


Sounds a bit awkward, :D fortunately I have a replacement subframe. Bike really does feel better after shedding some weight. :)


cool thanks.. nice work too.. just installed the ti subframe on a friends, but looks way too industrial, have to say, i like the aluminum look better....

Looks real nice, too! Wonder if they can make one for a 40-something mother of two..? :)

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