Accesories with WR426, 02

Can anyone tell me what they got with there new WR426 :)

I've got an 01 and here's what I got

Manual, spark plug wrench, spoke wrench, extra jets, packing for the stock muffler. That's about it. Where did you buy it?

I picked it up from Cochrane.

Are you from Banff?

i just got an 02 and got everything that banffboy

got minus the muffler packing........

I got the spoke wrench, manual, plug wrench, set of jets, YZ rear fender and Renthal McGrath bend aluminum 7/8" bars.Blackfoot Motosports.

Yep I'm in Banff, hence the Banffboy

Riding last week at Kocanusa, Skiing this week at the Lake. Life does suck in the Rockies sometimes.

Byron and Jay are good guys at Bow Ridge, they'll look after you

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