Sludge on Oil filter

when doing my regular oil changes, about 400km max (mostly highway driving) I noticed some slight creamy sludge on my oil filter and a little cream in the oil after it drains in the pan, It don't look like much, I have only ran it hot once idling for like 4 minutes, shut it off and heard it bubbling for a bit. It almost seems like sludge as in a car engine when you take short runs you get a little sludge and condensation, can this be hapening or do you guys think i have a waterpump seal or head gasket failing?

2006 WR450 4000km

Really monitor your oil and coolant levels over the next cycle and see what it does. That ought to tell you what's going on...SC

Well I have never had to add any more coolant. But I will mark the coolant level in the overflow and keep an eye on things.

Is there any oil sludge floating on top of your coolant when you open the rad cap? If the head gasket goes, i think you should have a white plume in your exhaust out the pipe.


funny question

but do you turn off the fuel when you park it?

mine sat open for 3 weeks and i was doing an oil change, opened the tank bolt and nothing came out AHHHHHHHH

in a panic state i ripped off the bash plate, opened the case bolt and it was puking gas out of the drain hole

it turned my red klotz oil into a foamy blackish nightmare of a sight

there is nothing in the coolant and no sign of white smoke, and i do not turn off my fuel, I guess I will start to though, just to see.....

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