What Front Tire Do You Like

I saw the anti D739 post, and was wondering what front tire you guys do like. I havent run anything else on my WR426 since I got it and am looking to change.

I took the 739 front off before I even rode the bike . I installed a Michelin M12 on the front and rode it for 500 miles(900 kms) and the knobs were getting pretty bad. I put on a 756 up front and I like it , but not on the rear. I like the M12 Michelins but I have never had alot of good luck with Michelin tire. The sidewalls are too thin for rocky riding IMO. Used to use a Maxxis 6001 up front with pretty good results in mud, rock ,roots etc.

S12 front, M12 rear, 12psi front, 10psi rear, pirelli heavy duty tubes.

See signature below. There has got to be a story behind your name :)

I have 2 sets of wheels I run 756 dunlops on the good wheels and the stock wore out 739"s on the old ride during the week wheels. During the week I ride on a track that turns to asphalt and has a blue groove and the 739's work very good when half worn out. Mike


Not sure where you are from, but it likely has some bearing on tire choice. Here in Calif desert, there seems to be some agreement on the D756 as a great front tire. I hear some that like the Mich S12 also.

As for the rear, I currently have a 756 there, too. It took some getting used to on hard packed roads, etc. Seems to want to slide a fair amount. At some point, though, it just locks in and digs. It's VERY good in deep sandwashes and silt beds, loose hillclimbs, and gravel.

As for rocks, nothing gets great traction, but the Dunlops seem to hold up ok for me. I run 18 front, 15+ rear in rocks and 12 front, 12 rear for everything else. I tried running less in rocks, but got tired of fixing pinch flats.

Hope this helps.


I like the M12 front and rear. S12 is a bit too soft and the knobbies don't last long enough. The M12 doesn't last as long as a Dunlop, but performs better IMO. Another that I'm considering is the Perelli Heavy Duty. Some of my buddies have been running this tire & really like. Super durable, stiff side walls, and grips up pretty good too in a variety of terrain.

I am the anti front 739 guy :D. I like D756 in both front and rear. I have a lot of respect for Michelin Tires since I tried the S12s on my cousin XR400R. It seems to me that the durability problem is more of a concern for the rear S12 tire than for the front one because this front tire shows the best overall grip (by far) where we ride. So a lot of guys use it where I ride even if it doesn't last long. The rear does a great job but is not enough resistant when you have to ride a minimum of hard terrain. One of the bests on intermediate terrain though.

Math (still trying to prepare this "behind-the-name" story) :)

d756's are by far the best front i have ever tried. and yes the 739 fronts blow. i have a 739 rear on right now but am going to try a 756 rear next time.


The Bridgestone 601 or the Pirelli MT44.. The best I've tried...

I've been running the MT44 front and the M12 rear. When the M12 wears out I'll give the S12 a shot. So far, I am totally pleased with this combo. I use heavy duty tubes and have been keeping my pressure at about 14lbs. Seems to work pretty darn good for everything.

S12 on the rear won't last two minutes unless you ride in slimy greasy slippery sh!t or you ride an RMX250!!!

I tried the D756 up front and had great results in soft terrain, but I ride mostly rocky mixed trails. The 756 does not provide good sidewall strength and are more prone to pinch flats on rocks then the D739's. I put the stock 739 back on the bike and noticed a huge difference in this type of terrain. As far as a good rear tire, I tried 739, D756 and the M12. The M12 hooked up great in a straight line, but had a very predictable slide in the turns. The knobs chunked and wore down in no time. The 756 had the best results so far.

I run S12's on my CRF and I think they are outstanding tires. They hook up very well and last a surprisingly long time for soft tires.

Blue Beast, I run an S12 rear in really rocky conditions(The Canadian Rockies!) It wears fine. I've just learned, not to be such an animal on the throttle. Save it for when you need it :)

I cant help myself!!! for example last weekend i was riding with fifteen guys, and all good riders for once so my brother and myself would start off from the back after a regroup and see how far through the pack we could get before the next regroup, on the gas all day, needless to say it cost me half my s12 front and half my m12 rear, a bent rear disk, another bent rim and my muffler cracked one of it's welds. :)

I just changed my tires from stock D739's to Mich S12's. I have had 3 rides on the tires and love them. My front used to always feel like it was washing out in the corners. S12's definately help in the railing department. Can't wait to try them in moist conditions.


So basically you guys think that the softer tire compounds up front hook up better regardless of conditions. Do the hard compounds skate all over the place? Or do you think it is a factor of the more aggressive front tire knob pattern that makes all the difference regardless of whether it is rated for soft, intermediate, or hard? What is your definition of hard terrain. intermediate ,and soft?

So let's say you are riding at 30-40 kM/h (20 miles/h) and you crash.

Hard terrain will hurt and make holes in your pants and maybe jacket, possibly break an elbow or shin protector...

Intermediate terrain won't make holes, but shocks and hurts as much as hard terrain as the basis of the terrain is alsmost as hard as what we call "hard terrain".

Soft terrain is just fun to fall on!!! :)

I think that for the front tire the main factor is the design. As I said in previous posts I'm not an engineer but it seems to me that some designs are, for a unknown reason, a real win and some other, for an unknown reason will always be crap no matter the material they are made of is.

Also waiting for your opinions on the question posted by ZEKEDAWG.

Math "the anti-739 guy" :D


I think its a combination of the softer compound and the more aggressive knobbie pattern. On the edge (compared to the 739) there is an extra row of knobbies which, I feel, helps cornering. The knobbie pattern themselves are unique and probably contribute a great deal to the handling characteristics.

I liked the 739's on hard pack. They stick like glue. Its in the soft loose dirt where I like the S12's better. I haven't tried either in moist conditions. From what I hear I will love the S12's.


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