Which gas tank

Im gonna get a big tank for my WR. I tried searching the board for info on different tanks and came up with way too many results. I want a tank that has a petcock close to stock. I dont like the idea of one on the wrong side or having two petcocks. Any ideas?

no ideas.

You CANNOT find what you are looking for.

Your options are:




Oops...Clarke too... :)

That is it.

Try the Clark tank /seat combo.

Go to Clarke Mfg

Check out the Wr setup

I put the Clarke tank with the SDG seat combo. I think it holds the same amount of fuel as stock. The petcock is a single on the left. Installing was tight for me though. I had to grind the forward mounts a bit to allow the tank to easily slide in place (mostly for maintenence reasons). The ergos are SOOOO much better than stock. The combo allows you to get forward in the turns a lot more.

Good luck.


Check your PM's :)

I agree with Keener. I installed the Clarke tank along with a YZ style seat 2 years ago. The single best change I made to the WR. This is the way the WR should have come from the factory.

Look at the Ty Davis IMS tank.It carries the fuel the lowest out of all the aftermaket tanks to lower your CG thus the reason for two petcocks.You will need a remote hotstart though,getting all that gas down low,Priceless.

If you don't like that idea just get a YZ tank MY 426 cents :):D :DI love that smily face!!!!!!

Like many others I installed the Clarke-SDG combo (12/01). I opted to fit a 1/2" rubber pad under the rear area to raise it slightly - this solved all the clearance problems. The clarke comes setup for dual or either side petcocks. If you install at the stock location only, some unused fuel will be left-over on the right hand side. I figured if I ran out that low, I could just lay the bike on its left side so that fuel would spill to the petcock side - I've even had to do that with stock tanks. As the other guys said, the ergos are soooo worth it.

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