XR650R Brake Light Wiring


I just bought a 2000 XR650R. I Can't get the brake light wired in correctly. I just bought:

- Baja Designs Dual Sport LED Dropdown Taillight

- K&S Dual Sport Hydrualic Brake Light Switch

from xrsonly.com. From the bike I have a green wire and a brown wire. From the tail light I have a red, black, and blue wire. From the brake switch I have a red and a black wire. What the heck goes where???

does your bike have a street kit kit on it already? if not then i don't think you will be able to power the brake light switch withoutthe extra wires from the harness. YAN

I'm about to fix my jerry-rigged wiring. I'll let you know if I find out. My bike is running battery only and I'm about to install a rectifier so I can run the LED brake/running light.

I do not have a street legal kit. I think I saw posts where the brake light will work with out a harness... I just can't figure mine out. Well I guess its off to pay the motorsports shop :confused:

Attach the green wire from the stock harness to the black wire from the taillight.

Attach the brown wire from the stock harness to both the red wire from the BD taillight and the red wire from the brake light switch.

Attach the black wire from the brake light switch to the blue wire from the BD taillight.

I tried the above wiring. My tail light is on, but no brake light. Is it a possible problem with the switch? I topped off my brake fluid..... :confused:

do a continuity test on the brake light switch and this will let you know if it is good or not. if it's good it will have continuity when brake pedal is depressed. YAN

Ahh the continuity test showed a bad switch. So I have a new switch on order. Brand new K&S switch doesnt work..... I used a different company this time. Thanks for the help, hopefully the new switch works!!

If you have a switch which activates the brake light from the front brake lever and the lever is not depressing the small button your brake light will be on permanantly..The front lever needs to push the button down to stop the brake light being on.ie you pull the lever it opens the circuit,,you release the lever it closes the circuit.

Just can't get enough of this wiring stuff, can you Moleculo?

Just can't get enough of this wiring stuff, can you Moleculo?

Think of it as a gradual breakup from a long relationship...

What colour feeds the front brake lever on a standard UK XR650R harness please?

My diagrams for the 650r are not flash..green/yellow is one wire..Bl is the other Blue,,they should both be interconnected to the rear brake switch which will be connected into the loom under the seat on top of or near the airbox top air intake slot..

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