anyone using ufo universal front fenders?

check this out.....

these say they are universal you just have to drill the new holes. they look nice and small. i like the small supermotard look. i will be offroad minimally so i think this would be good for the price. i'm switching my white 99 650L over to red. let me know if any of you have had experience or your 2 cents.


Looked at them on the site and like em. Price is right.

Anyone got one mounted?

for the price, it will be worth the chance. i could use some input on which one to go with. either the universal scoop or the universal spade??? let me know what you think.

I just mounted one on my DR350es. Looks fine. It's a bit narrower than the stocker. Finish is glossy and the coverage seems to be ok. It's a nice fender. If you pm me your email, I'll send you a pic of it mounted.

I personally like the look of the Acerbis Tecknik

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