The April ride (bummed)

Man I would like to be there to out fart/snor denn10. I'm having surgery 3/21 on my left wrist,carpel tunnel /ulna nerve release. See if it wake's up my numb finger's and palm. First real ride I will be able to do looks like the sheetiron in May.

I had the Carpal Release surgery on both hands about 12 years ago. Best thing I ever did. Immediate improvement once the healing period was over.

Too bad you can't make it out to the ride, we'll throw some roost in your honor.:confused:

Dont have to actually ride... Maybe come out for a couple hours Sat. night just to say hi. Dont know how far you live from there, just a thought.

You can come out just to say "hi." It's allowed.

You can still hold a beer right? If not I'm sure we can get creative.

Hope the surgery works well for you. I think it might be in my future as well.

A bad wrist must suck for that private in the washroom ?:confused:

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