02 WR426 purchased from Canada

Well I am green to the WR426 world. I did do some research, but Iam still looking for the out the show room modifications on WR's from Canada. The muffler cap is welded on the end and has a 3/4"? exhaust port. Throttle opens 100% stock. No change required here?? Please advise. Thanks!!

Cool I just picked one up too. Can you please tell me what accessories you got with the new bike.

I just but on a set off Flatland rad guards and Bark busters and working on the jetting a little.

You probably know this already but you need to oil the air filter and cleen all the extra grease around the air filter seal ( mine had gobes of it inside and out )

I think I am going to ride with the way it is then in a month or two change a few things.

Let me know what accessories you got. I only received the book, sparkplug and spock tool. I had to go back and get the extra (3) jets


Larry T., thanks for the reply. I did not get any extra goodies yet. Got the same thing, manual,spoke tighter those basic things. Which I left at the dealer (daaaa). Can you tell why you changed the jetting, mine seems to run fine as is. What do you think about the exhaust? Will you be changing the timing like the YZ426? Cool bike ah!

Thanks, Mike Desrochers

Hi Mike

I riding in the Calgary Ab area a little higher up then you so the jetting needs looked at.( I think )

I will be just ride it the way it is for now. I have spent to much money in the last few week, riding gear, rad guards,bark busters, new bike. In a few months I will look a changing thing around.

Larry T, I rode last week in Northern Michigan. Only thing I would change at this time would be the front sprocket to 13 teeth. Future changes may be a pipe and tires.

Have fun!

Mike Desrochers

If you ride single track alot you will like the 13 tooth(a lot less clutch use) you can essentially "lug" the bike in 2nd and 3rd. You may also want to change the tank to something that lets you use a YZ seat. An IMS or Clarke tank will also lower your center of gravity. This makes a noticeable difference in the tight stuff. Finally, get it YZ timed! and piped

I am also a new owner of a 01 wr 426. What exactly do you mean "air box lid removed",just the top cover under the seat? how much does it help ?

Another dumb question, when cleaning the air filter, can you use 2 cycle mixing oil to lube the filter or should it be air filter oil?


When you take the seat off you will see what's called the snorkel(two square holes). take the whole lid off, it does get more air to the carb. I wouldn't use 2 stroke oil on my air filter

Boys, Boys, The WR has a couple of very expensive parts that can be easily damaged.

Yup your rads, $300 cdn a side if you damage them. Devol Rads guards are an investment you won't regret at $130. I ride in Victoria, BC with a lot of rocks, logs, ruts, roots and hills, mine have taken a beaten as well as my buddies. It just takes a branch to puncture your rad.

I promise you will thank me.

Hey Mike , you should remove the airbox lid, pull the blue wire, put Tee's in your crankcase breather tube and in the two looped over carb vent hoses if you do any deep water crossings. I did a little math and worked out the extra holes needed to make the exhaust outlet the same area as the YZ, the Canadian muffler is not USFS legal and my mods to it are not relevant if you need a spark arrestor. Anyway send me your e-mail address and I can send pics of the exhaust mods I did. WR Dave.

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